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Railway Archive: The Last Main Line

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The Last Main Line stories

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Title Description Length
Great Central Railway Contractors Locomotives
The construction of the Great Central Railway's 'London Extension' was a mammoth feat of civil engineering. It is estima... 11 pages
Manchester to Sheffield: 'The Woodhead Route'
There is no doubt that the Great Central Railway's 'London Extension' was the company's most famous route. So well known... 4 pages
Navvies: The Men Who Built The Railways
Although the London Extension owed much of its construction to the use of steam powered machinery, building a railway du... 8 pages
'All Change!' - The Rise and Fall of Leicester Central Station
The years since the closure of the Great Central Railway's London Extension have seen many changes to the old route's in... 16 pages
Life Through a Lens: The life of S. W. A. Newton
During the year 1894, a young man in his late teens took a photograph of the new railway being built through his home to... 2 pages
A journey down Memory Lane
The construction and operation of a main line steam railway, running through both town and countryside, could affect the... 21 pages
Quorn & Woodhouse Station - the history of
Mr Brian Axon has kindly supplied us with a historical article about Quorn & Woodhouse Station. The information in t... 9 pages
A Brief History of the London Extension
The Great Central Railway's London Extension had a short, but varied, history. It started life under the Manchester, She... 3 pages
Going Loco! - The Locomotives of the London Extension
During the seventy years that the Great Central Railway's London Extension was in operation, a wide variety of locomotiv... 18 pages

... 1 pages