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Manchester to Sheffield: 'The Woodhead Route': Contents

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1  The Road to Woodhead.  The Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway's (MSLR) system literally served the places that its name suggested and a little more besides. Before the construction of ...
2  Onwards to Sheffield!  At the eastern end of Woodhead Tunnel was Dunford Bridge (1000 ft above sea level) where the gradient changed from a climb to a descent that lasted for nearly twenty miles. Th...
3  From Steam to Electric Power.  In spite of the glorious scenery and fast journey times between Manchester and Sheffield, passenger trains always played second fiddle to the coal trains. Many of the mines in...
4  Sheffield and Beyond!  With the new Woodhead Tunnel complete, the fully modernised Manchester to Sheffield line was opened throughout in 1954, although a short stretch had opened two years earlier. ...